Wooden earrings - post earrings

Wide selection of tribal earrings made of wood. This type of earrings uses a tiny wooden spike to wear the earring.

Earring 0001
Earring a0012
Earring a0029
Earring a0025
Earring 0002
Earring a0013
Earring a0024
Earring a0034
Earring 0003
Earring a0049
Earring a0010
Earring a0035
Earring 0004
Earring a0070
Earring a0047
Earring a0040
Earring 0005
Earring a0018
Earring a0041
Earring a0055
Earring 0006
Earring a0063
Earring a0056
Earring a0060
Earring 0007
Earring a0016
Earring a0028
Earring a0026
Earring 0008
Earring a0058
Earring a0011
Earring a0050
Earring a0046
Earring a0021
Earring a0043
Earring a0051
Earring a0031
Earring a0057
Earring a0045
Earring a0033
Earring a0062
Earring a0009
Earring a0038
Earring a0017
Earring a0027
Earring a0054
Earring a0061
Earring a0023
Earring a0039
Earring a0030
Earring a0037
Earring a0032
Earring a0059



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