Stunning necklaces made of brass. Various sizes and styles.

Brass necklaces

Crystal pendants. All of our pendats are supplied with leather string.

Crystal pendants, gem stones necklaces

Ethnic style brass bracelets made from brass and mixed with other beads. The prices are different per bracelet so please dive into our selection to get the prices. Most of our bracelets are about 18cm (0.7in) in size but some are slightly tighter. Please check carefully the size before ordering.

Brass jewellery, brass bracelets

Wide selection of tribal earrings made of wood. This type of earrings uses a tiny wooden spike to wear the earring.

Tribal style wooden jewellery

Ths kind of earrings are sutable for small to medium size ear piercings.

Wooden earrings - stretchers

These earrings are designed to give you the look of stretched ear lobes, without stretching your lobes. For regular pierced ears.

Wooden earrings - fake gauges

Wooden earrings that are designed for regular pierced ears. Earrings are attached to a silver plated hooks.

Wooden earrings - classic



Alternative fashion and Boho clothing from fairyU

Bohemian dresses from fairyU Steampunk short skirts from fairyU Boho tops from fairyU Tribal and ethnic boho jewellery from fairyU